Are You Hosting an Event at Your Hotel?

Are You Hosting an Event at Your Hotel?

Set up planning services with us

Is your hotel or venue hosting a business meeting, wedding reception or some other formal gathering? If so, you may find yourself in a position where you need help organizing or running it. That's where D5 Hospitality LLC comes in. We can help you put together and even staff your event.

You can go over the details of your event with us so that, together, we can form a game plan around how much staffing we need and what details need to be ironed out.

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What event services do you need?

If you need help planning a hotel event, don't hesitate to reach out to the experts at D5 Hospitality. Whether you're a company that's booked a hotel for a corporate training or you're an individual hosting a wedding reception or birthday party, you can count on us to help you plan the event.

Our team has years of combined experience in the hospitality industry and knows hotel events like the backs of our hands. Contact us today to start planning your event.